Let's be real. No one wants another traffic signal on 29. We're starting to look a lot like Northern Virginia anyway. But what are the trade offs? More 'Road Side Memorials'? There are enough of those already.

Those of us that travel Burnley Station Road to Charlottesville every morning already know the difficulty in crossing over and heading southbound during the morning 'rush'. We wait for an opening in the left lane and when it occurs, we gun it listening to our 'pit boss' in the back of our mind yell 'go, go, go'. Heaven forbid another vehicle swings into the passing lane not knowing we just pulled out, accelerator pedal to the floor.

We see the commuters whiz by traveling what; 60, 70 mph? It's a dangerous accident waiting to happen!

What can be done, obviously another traffic light. Is the signal installation on the VDOT books? If so when is the completion date? Will it be soon enough to avoid the inevitable big accident?

Do you wonder every morning, 'will I make it across alive'? Are your children in the car?

Can we do anything? Maybe, maybe not. Do we not try? We have to, don't we? All we are asking is an email with your support or even your objection regarding the Burnley Station / Advance Mills traffic signal. We'll forward these to VDOT. We'll enlist the help of local media. We'll attempt to get the voices heard.

Use the link below to send an email with your support for the signal or your objection. We can make a difference if we try.

Please Contact: countme@burnleylight.org

We will never divulge in any way, shape or form any email address. It's a mean thing to do! There's enough junk mail in the world already.


1.16.08 - In conversation with a VDOT spokesperson this evening it was mentioned that the signal installation is scheduled for the 2nd half of the year, 2008. Will this be soon enough ?

1.22.08 - Emails are now starting to come into the site. THANK YOU ! We will begin forwarding these emails to VDOT in the next couple of days and then continue to forward on a daily (nightly actually) basis. We hope to complete contacting local media by the end of this week to continue to bring this to everyone’s attention.

1.23.08 - We've just completed contacting all 4 major television stations with a semi-press release/announcement. Hopefully more Albemarle citizens will become aware of our cause. We continue to see on a daily basis more emails arrive in support of our efforts. This is truly appreciated. Thank You ! Please continue to spread the word. Our voices can be heard !

1.28.08 - The end of last week was interesting to say the least. By the end of the day on the 24th we were contacted by both The Gray Broadcasting Group, (CBS-19,ABC-16) and NBC29. We wish to express our gratitude to both groups for helping us bring attention to this effort. We wish to personally thank Jummy Olabanji with the Gray Group and Claire O'Brien with NBC29. - We have also forwarded all emails received at the site to the VDOT District Office in Culpepper. There was also 'conversation' regarding burnleylight.org at Cvillain.com, a local 'News and Gossip' site. We also heard via '2nd hand' information there was conversation about burnleylight.org on 106.1 'The Corner" radio. We also hope to have signage up at the intersection in the next week in a continuing effort to not let this issue fade away.


Addtional Information at info@burnleylight.org

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